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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Finally, a song worth reviewing!

I really don't like giving bad reviews, cause I can't imagine myself writing something like "You have to study music and production and, if you do that, I will review your next submission in a couple of years". It's insulting and at least you have to give credit to people for trying.

Of course, this is definitely NOT the case!

Great structure and very strong transitions. The dynamic range of the composition is also very good and the crescendos are very well done!

The vocals are nicely recorded and the backing vocals are not intrusive, which is customary to this style and so they are fitting perfectly to the track's needs. The guitar parts are also very well recorded and I love the scooped Mesa type of tone you've used. The solo is structured and well played, while avoiding unnecessary doodling. Both the production and post-production are very good with levels and Eq allowing for all the instruments their breathing space and I am very happy the track isn't squashed. I actually measured the dynamic range to about 8 dB in the choruses (perhaps with a slight variation upwards if I hadn't measured it from the 128 bit mp3). You might have got away with as low as 6 dB in such a track, but I'd hate it if it was even less than that, like Metallica's 4 dB...

Now, I really want to do some constructive criticism, so I actually forced myself to listen very closely and get into nitpicking mode. :-)
I have to make myself as clear as possible on this. This is a GREAT track (far better than 99% of all Newgrounds musical material) and some of the following might be due to personal preference, the fact that I'm listening to an mp3 and not the actual track in all its glory or even plain wrong.

A couple of things about the drums. Probably only due to the mp3 128 bit format, the bass drum isn't coming through a lot and the bass guitar sounds just a little muddy. I am quite sure this wouldn't show if I didn't listen to the track from studio monitors. I would have liked a stronger compression and a more present plate reverb on the snare to give it a few higher frequency harmonics and duration (I liked the 90's snare sound). I presume the drums are programmed, but they don't seem to be written by a drummer. This is only apparent during some of the breaks, but only to a trained ear and a very close listen.

One final note on the solo guitar's Eq. Even though it cuts through the mix, it sounds a bit more mid-high for my liking. A bit too much of that peak around 3-4KHz that is always annoying, especially in lead guitars. A bit more reverb or even a delay and chorus might also have helped in giving it a bigger sound.

But to be completely honest, when bands like Blur had number one hits, despite their extremely crappy sound, it's unfair to ask for anything more than a good song and a decent production. Well, this is a hell-of-a-good-song and a chart-grade production!

If only I could, it would have gotten 11/10 and 6/5!

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PseudoSignal responds:

Wow man! Thanks for the mass review. I'm glad that somebody who obviously knows what they're talking about enjoys this tune so much!

Appreciate the constructive criticisms too. I've actually refined my lead tone since this recording. Mostly because I found the same flaws that you did.

The drum beats are written with my drummer supervising at all times, but he does spruce it up a little bit live.

Thanks for the love dude!

Luckiness is a word Luckiness is a word

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice!

This is a really cool tune. Happy! It also has a very decent production! Good for you!

krachmaninoff-in love again-l- krachmaninoff-in love again-l-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice song!

This is actually a very good song! I won't get into production issues, as I consider that for the type of recording equipment used, it's already sounding good enough!

I love the piano and hammond in this! There is a rock 'n roll/punk feel to the entire song. It's, well, really alternative! And a flanger? What is it on? I can hear it in the guitar, but some times on the drums as well. Was it on the output (or just the effect the cassette added)? This is soooo late '70s! Even though I never like using the term, this is actually genuine as well as musically interesting!

Great work! 9/10 (for the sound quality) and 5/5 for a great piece!

HannsB responds:

thanx gluer, kind words, and I think, you´re right with the 70s.
by the way, it´s a little bit of choir-flanger underlaid by remastering the song.

{Heim} Exhilaration {Heim} Exhilaration

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It's totally working!

Orchestral Muse! I love arpeggios! This is a really great piece! I love it! Genuinely! Surely among the best of the kind over here!

Vaib's got a point, though, about the off-beat percussion near the end and I do get the rhythm they're on, but that's only if you try to follow them from the start. If you pay attention to them for the first time just a few seconds before the final climax, you'll notice that initially they won't sound to fit. That's because the focus in the electric guitar(s) and the orchestra rather than the percussion, which seems to be your intention. I would suggest, that you either change the percussion part, or add some more instrumentation to back it up and bring it to focus. 9/5 from me!

Why We Fall (Rough Vocals) Why We Fall (Rough Vocals)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well, hello there!

My 8 goes to you for writing a very catchy well structured song! The other two are missing for the lack of money you 've spent on your recording equipment and a proper singer. Ok, so the production isn't great, the drums aren't realistic, the electric guitars have no Eq, the bass comes to my (studio) monitors as pure muddiness, the vocals are too high in the mix (compress them and bring them at the same level as the electric guitars), the solos could have been better etc, but this reminds me of demo tracks composers send to studios in order for them to turn them into hits.

So it's a 8/5 (five, in order to help you promote it)

If you want any help production-and-post-production-wise, you can reach me from here and I'll be glad to help you out (I'm not charging)

Something deep Something deep

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Interesting! Well structured! Weird! Beautiful!

Ok, so the vocals could have been better. They could have been recorded better (tonal errors) and they could have been produced better. The same about production applies to the song in it's entirety. Eq and mastering are what's lacking. The mixing is ok! The instrumentation is nice and unique! Overall I really do like this! Congrats!

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Mister Toast Mister Toast

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is great!!!!

I love it! It still needs some fixes, both in mixing and in mastering. Personally, I'm a sucker for the hammond and I think you're the first one I heard using it in NG (apart for yours truly). The drums are great (a bit too loud for my taste, though), the bass is too low in the mix in my opinion. The guitars are just fine! The vocals could have been edited better (more compression, some reverb and better Eq), but there is nothing essentially wrong with your singing, so don't be hard on yourself.

Overall, this is one of the very few complete, original and interesting works in NG! I salute you!

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mclanetest mclanetest

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice job!

Ok, so it has a couple of mistakes here and there, no biggie... This is a quite decent piece of music. The production quality is good! The recording quality is good, the instrumentation is good (especially in the second part), the tune is catchy. I really do like this!!! And I'd love to hear a complete song from you!

On a more constructive note, you really haven't done much panning except for the double-tracked acoustic guitars and the automatic panning of some drum parts. Everything else is centered. You should try widening your stereo mix. You could at least move one electric guitar half way left and another halfway right.

Anything else is too picky to comment even for me... Great job! I'll be waiting for that complete song!

FP! - Mario Lolol FP! - Mario Lolol

Rated 4 / 5 stars


1.94?!?!?!? I high fived you to raise this as much as possible. This is really nice! Almost everything about it... Just one thing, though. I think you've overdone it with the reverb. I won't tell you to reduce it in the mix, but instead, just make it shorter. You won't lose the feel you're going for, but you 'll manage to make it less confusing and sounding like from the bottom of a well.

Congrats! This is really well done!

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DJ_Seri - End is Near DJ_Seri - End is Near

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad at all!

Speaking of underrated... I guess you were hit by some unjust low score... I think I'm gonna start a crusade about this.

Well... This is a quite interesting song you've got there. I always like piano arpeggios, so I might be biased.
I would make a couple of suggestions though:
-Mastering: The output level is just too low. Use a compressor or a maximizer in the output channel to make it louder. Don't just raise the master, you wouldn't want clipping, now, would you?
-Dynamics: Even though the piano melody is just fine, it lacks dynamics. Try randomizing the velocities, especially in the second part. If you have a midi controller (even better), record it!
-Samples: The piano sounds fine, the drums are good enough (you can find better), but the strings are unnatural. See if you find something more natural sounding. Perhaps something a bit less aggressive.
-Mixing: I'm listening through headphones currently, so I won't risk commenting on Eq (it sounds fine to me). The mixing levels are just fine. Don't touch them! The balance is a bit to the right (due to the piano, so you could try setting it right by compensating with the strings panned harder to the left.

Otherwise, this is actually quite good and promising!!! If you finish it, I'd love to hear it and give you further feedback!

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DJ-Seri responds:

thank you. now this is a good review :P have a great day i will take this into consideration