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Galliard Syndrome - Velvet Rings.

2010-05-24 09:54:14 by GlueR

Our first digital single. It's called 'Velvet Rings'. I produced it myself, so any opinions on that will be really appreciated.

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Public Silliness

2009-10-10 19:42:23 by GlueR

So, let's say, for the argument's sake, if not applicable, that you're a woman. And you're one of those women that feel special, important and quite literally the center of the universe. You consider yourself sexy, beautiful and the kind of dancer that when men see you dance, they automatically get a boner. If you were a lesbian you'd be in love with yourself. Hell, you already are! Damn, girl, when you look at that stunner on the mirror, you get an orgasm!

If so, then explain this to me... Clubbing: Why would you stand in line for an hour, freezing in minuscule garments, in order to get into an extremely crowded place, where there are hundreds of women with the exact same amount of narcissism and where men's attention is divided between all of them, rather than attracting about a million more hungry stares (and more) by entering naked in a biker's club?

The Chinese Space Agency

2009-01-12 10:11:27 by GlueR

Are ALL Chinese products imitations?!?!? Is it my own impression that the China National Space Administration's logo is the Star Trek's Starfleet emblem combined with that of the United Federations of Planets?

I made this, to prove it!

The Chinese Space Agency

The big guns...

2009-01-02 05:55:44 by GlueR

This week's theme is zero bombing. I've uploaded some of my better (but not best) tunes up there and for the first hour or so they got hit with mainly fives and some zeros (I know cause I was watching). But those few zeros mean that you drop off the first page of the rankings into oblivion and then the song struggles to get a listen here and there.

So I wondered... Are those kids doing it just for fun? Is it done by bitter composers trying to promote their own stuff by trashing other people's work? Or could it be that I have my own haters? So I'm putting it to the test. Initially I was hesitant, but I decided to upload my big guns. Or at least start with one.

And guess what! It got zero bombed during the first minute it was up there (and the song is 5min long)! I would never think that someone who spends actual time and effort to make something would be this disrespectful for the work of others, so it must be one of the other two options...

I don't want to sound cocky, but by Crom, I know my work isn't "Blam material"!

Galliard - I was made for lovin' you (Kiss cover)


2009-01-01 01:28:29 by GlueR

The Audio section is moving particularly slow... And this means that you don't get a decent review or vote frequently. This gives the chance to some people, in this case I'll call them 'kids', to go around and give out 0s just for kicks! Or just to see how much a number changes after the click the zero button.

How about ruling out the votes that deviate too much from the mean?

The wait...

2008-12-14 06:33:03 by GlueR

I posted a song yesterday and since it's my first, I have to wait until someone approves it. This means that my effort to synchronize it with the peak times, failed. Now I', glad to say that it hasn't even synchronized with the off-peak times and we 're moving forward to peak times again. Horray!

Then I'll get disappointed again, cause it won't show up at all..